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Veterinary Technology

Our Louisa veterinarians have diagnostic testing facilities in our in-house vet lab that allow us to accurately diagnose pets' medical conditions and customize treatment plans to their unique needs.

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Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

At Tri-County Animal Clinic, we have a variety of diagnostic tools at our disposal to help accurately determine the nature of your pet's medical issues. These include digital radiology, ultrasound, and more.

We use electromagnetic radiation and other technologies for diagnostic imaging. This allows us to produce highly detailed images of your pet's internal structures. 

With our diagnostic imaging capabilities, we can efficiently produce accurate diagnostic information about your pet's condition and provide immediate treatment options.

Diagnostic & Lab Technology, Louisa Vet

In-House Lab & Veterinary Pharmacy in Louisa

We perform tests and get results quickly in our in-house laboratory so that we can diagnose your pet's symptoms and begin treatment as soon as possible.

Our pet pharmacy in Louisa is stocked with a range of prescription diets and medications, providing us with quick access to any medications your pet may need while in our care.

Diagnostic & Lab Technology, Louisa Vet

Technology & Equipment

Our animal hospital features a variety of technologies for both diagnosis and treatment.

They help us care for our veterinary patients more efficiently, and in some cases even allow us to provide treatment that wouldn't be possible otherwise. Some of our most commonly used technologies are outlined below.

  • Radiography (Digital X-Rays)

    Using a radiograph (digital x-ray), we can examine your pet's internal systems to reveal information that may be invisible from the outside. 

    Radiography is safe, painless and non-invasive. It uses only very low doses of radiation. Because the level of radiation exposure required to perform radiography is very low, even pregnant females and very young pets can undergo this procedure. 

    Radiographs can be used to evaluate bones and organs, and diagnose conditions including broken bones, chronic arthritis, bladder stones, spinal cord diseases and some tumors. 

  • Surgical Lasers

    To assist with healing and pain management, we offer laser therapy and can perform procedures with a surgical laser. 

    LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser is a device that produces highly concentrated light rays.

    Laser therapy helps to decrease inflammation, healing time and reduce pain. Using the surgical laser during procedures helps to decrease the amount of blood loss, provides quicker healing, less swelling at the incision site and decreases the pain level for the patient.

  • Cold Lasers

    Used similarly to acupuncture, and massage therapy, laser treatment can be used in conjunction with or in place of medication to manage pain, inflammation, and wound healing. 

    Therapeutic lasers use light waves of a specific wavelength to cause alterations in cellular and tissue physiology. Light absorbed by cellular components stimulates electrons and activates cells to promote growth, proliferation, migration, and repair.

    Animals with few traditional medical treatment options often benefit from laser therapy. These include:

    - Pets with liver disease who cannot take medication
    - Cats, for whom only a few pain-control medications are approved
    - Older pets with diminished organ function

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