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Pet Maintenance Services

On top of the high-quality core veterinary services we offer, you will also find pet maintenance and quality of life services at Tri-County Animal Clinic. 

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Quality of Life Services

In addition to the core veterinary services we offer, Tri-County Animal Clinic vets can provide your pet with pet maintenance and quality of life services to help you with some of the more unpleasant tasks — while keeping your furry friend feeling great. 

We can provide dogs, with anal gland expression to help avoid discomfort and nail trimming for dogs and cats to keep nails well-groomed. Leave some of these more unsavory and anxiety-inducing elements of pet care to professionals who have the expertise.

We also offer ear cleaning and matt removal services to help keep your pet feeling clean and fresh.

Our technicians are experienced in restraining pets without causing them anxiety or pain. Our goal is to give your pets high-quality care in an environment that is free of stress.

Pet Maintenance Services, Louisa Veterinarians

Anal Gland Expression for Dogs

While a big part of caring for your dog can consist of nose kisses, play, and reinforcing their good behavior, there are also elements that aren't as pleasant. An example of this is anal gland expression. 

All dogs have two small pouches that collect secretions on their behind. These are usually released when your dog defecates, however, some dogs (especially small or toy breeds) can have difficulty expressing this substance from their glands and might require assistance. 

If your dog is scooting or paying extra attention to their behind, ask our qualified vets about our anal gland expression services. 

Nail Trimming for Dogs & Cats

Nail trimming isn't just a cosmetic service for your cat or dog. Allowing your pet's nails to grow too long can make your pet feel uncomfortable, cause long-term health issues and destruction to your furniture.

However, we do understand that trimming your furry companion's nails or claws is often anxiety-ridden or unenjoyable for both you and your pet! While you can do this task at home, if your cat or dog is particularly anxious about the trimming process or you require help, our vets are here and can do it for you.

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Tri-County Animal Clinic is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Louisa companion animals. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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